Preparing to testify at deposition or trial is not easy…

At Witness Preparation, we review videos and other aids that are offered to attorneys as preparation tools tools as they prepare their clients and fact witnesses to testify at deposition, hearings and trials.

There are a number of tools available online to help a witness prepare to testify in court of deposition. Most tools used today are witness preparation DVD’s and streaming video delivered online. If you are the witness, we strongly recommend that these tools be used under the direction of your attorney. Here are a few examples.

“5 Simple Rules” is a good video attorneys can use to prepare their clients and witnesses to testify in deposition, hearings or trial. There is a lot of good information and the production value is good enough to keep the viewer interested. This witness preparation video is a general purpose, one-size-fits-all video, that covers most of the basics. This video is available online and on DVD.

This is one of the best deposition preparation videos we have seen online. The lawyer is prepared and presents his advice in a clear and concise manner. This video would actually be better without elements such as an “off-camera” announcer and graphics.  A title page would make this attorney look much better. Anybody can look a little scary on “freeze-frame” and this lawyer is no exception. This attorney does an excellent job in this short video that covers deposition basics.

This video is produced well and contains some good tips for witnesses testifying at deposition or trial. This video could be used with a wider range of clients and witnesses if it was not written using a college-level vocabulary. The truth is that most witnesses function on an ninth-grade reading level, or below. Most television shows are intentionally written on an eight-grade reading-level to help them appeal to a wide range of audiences.

This video is a mixed bag. There are many great ideas for witnesses, but the production elements are rather rough. This video could be greatly improved by changing the camera angle to be level with the attorney instead of shooting down on the attorney and his desk. Also, the attorney is working without a script and is not as well-prepared as he should be to shoot a video that can live “forever” on the internet.

For DWI defense trials, this video gives excellent examples of the types of questions witnesses in DWI trials can expect to be asked. The video is by David Burrows who is one of the leading attorneys handling DWI cases in North Texas.

This video is a courtroom re-creation of a prosecution attorney asking tough questions during a DWI trial. I am assuming there is a DVD version of better quality. There is good content that would help a defendant get ready  to testify at a DWI jury trial.